How it works?

Booking is as easy as 1 2 3!


Pick a time & date, choose your game type and the amount of participants.

Choose your game type: Birthday, team-building, just for fun, or any other. You can play our games 7 days a week, at almost any time. Every game is fully customized so we need to know who’s playing: whether it’s coworkers, family or friends (or combined).

If you don’t know how many participants you want, don’t worry! Just book the minimum amount to save your time slot, and you can always add more after you book by visiting the “My Game” page.


Tell us about your group on the “My Game” page

After you book, you will get access to your customized game area (called “My Game”), this is where you’ll give us the information to make your game personal and unique!

Tell us about your group, (your friends/family/employees and so on – we recommend keeping this part as a secret from the rest of the participants for an extra surprise twist!)

You can choose to add a video you made on the “My Game” page that will be shown at the end of your game. You can also add or remove participants. You can edit it as much as you want (Just remember to click “Save” before you log out). Once you are done filling in the information, click the ״FINAL SUBMISSION״ button and all your info will be sent to our team of professional actors and producers! Please make sure to do all of this no later than 48 hours prior to your game, so our actors will have enough time to prepare.


Your game is ready, Let’s Go!

Once you have submitted all your information on the “My Game” page, your game is ready! 48 hours before your game, you will receive an email with a link to a Zoom conference call, you will need to forward this link to all the other participants. When it’s time, join the call from a laptop, desktop computer or tablet (we recommend not using a mobile phone) 10 minutes before start time. Our actors will join in and your adventure will begin!

*Don’t use Zoom? You may play our game on Microsoft Teams, Webex or Google Meet. Just contact us through our chat after you book and we will make it happen!


Just pick the game type, date, time and
number of players and let the fun begin!

*you can always add more players after you book.