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all about Your Company!

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How it Works?

(1) Your Game

Your employees will become secret agents and embark on a fascinating, funny and challenging virtual journey, in order to solve an exciting mystery regarding your company.
They will have to collaborate and decide what’s real and what’s not, anything can happen!

(2) Your company

Every game is fully customized for your company so we need to know who’s playing. After you book, you will get access to your customized game area on our website, this is where you’ll answer questions about your company and the members of group. Our actors will use this information to customize your game’s storyline so it’s all about your team! 
*We recommend keeping this part a secret from the rest of the group 🙂

Oh and you can also upload a video which will be played at the end of your game. For example a message from the CEO or a manager (we’ll help you with ideas).


(3) Your Link

 After booking, you will receive your Zoom link. 

(4) Your Adventure

When it’s time, join the call. Once you are all logged in, our actors will join and from there – Your adventure begins! 

It's All About Team Work,

Specifically Your Team's Work!

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It's bonding time,
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Most frequent questions and answers

EscapeShow is a combination of a virtual interactive game and a live show performed by our talented actors. It’s challenging, funny, exciting and great for groups of all sizes. 

Maybe your employees only work from home or maybe they are scattered around the world or in different states. Perhaps they work in a hybrid way, or only work from the office. In any case: A Virtual Team Building is the most convenient, efficient, innovative, modern and fun way to raise morale, get the team to cooperate and give them an activity they will not stop talking about – no matter where they are!

In 2022 employees are going to keep spending less time in an office environment, which will lead to fewer opportunities to form social bonds and build trust with one another. Even if employees go back to a hybrid work week (3 days at the office and 2 from home), it will be difficult to coordinate an activity for a particular day when all the employees are at the office.
Our Virtual Team Building activity – is made especially for this challenge.
We wanted to create something that has never been done in the team building world – a game that is all about YOUR company. So every team would feel like the game was created specifically for them. We worked very hard to create this activity, the content, the information platform (you’ll see it once you book) and actors’ training. If you want to give your team an amazing morale boost, in a convenient and exciting virtual setting – our activity is perfect for you!

Good question!
1. Our integration of your group’s information in the storyline is a unique concept which took a lot of time to develop and there’s nothing else like it. 
2. Our actors are outstanding, the plot is fascinating and the puzzles and challenges are smart and will make you think outside the box.

That’s why more than *3,200 companies, large and small, have already chosen us for their virtual team building.
*Updated December 2021

No problem! Our game can be played Via zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet or Cisco Webex.

Yes, absolutely! Leave your details and we will contact you.

Once you book, you will get access to your personal “My Game” area on our website. This is where you fill in information about your group, so our actors can integrate it into the plot during your game. It takes around 15 minutes to fill out everything, and if you need help, we’re always here for you. You can check out this explainer video:

Just leave your details in the contact form and we will contact you shortly.

You can play our games 7 days a week, at almost any time!
We have over 30 actors running games!

EscapeShow is suitable for 6 up to… well, we don’t have a limit! You can even book a game for 600 people!

Yes! Just leave your details in the contact form and when we contact you, tell us you want a gift card and we’ll take it from there. 

It’s exciting, challenging and funny!

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Anything can happen!